How to insert a blank answer box

How to insert a blank box for answers into Hypatia math

A blank box can be inserted into the math editor using a matrix with outer borders. This can be achieved three different ways. The array can be inserted by selecting the array option from the Matrix Menu (Matrix_Menu), searching by pressing the \ key and typing array or table, or typing array directly into the editor followed by another keystroke. A window prompting for the number of rows and columns will open as shown below.


Enter 1 in both of the boxes and click the Insert button to insert the array into your text. A box should be inserted at the position of the text cursor. To make the box wider simply click into the box to position your text cursor inside and press the space key. The height of the box can also be increased by creating new lines within the box by hitting the Enter key while the text cursor is positioned inside. An example of a widened box is shown below.