How to insert a matrix without brackets?

Inserting Matrices Without Brackets

A matrix without brackets like the one shown below is just a different type of matrix in hypatia. It can be inserted through the drop down symbol search menu or by changing a the type of an existing matrix.


The bracket-less matrix can be inserted using the symbol search menu. First, position your text cursor to where you would like to insert the matrix and then press the \ key. In the search bar, search for matrix and the matrix with no brackets should be the first result as shown below.


Alternatively, a matrix can be inserted by selecting any matrix choice from the Matrix Menu (MatrixMenu ). With the text cursor inside the matrix, a small, round, blue button with two arrows should show up on the left hand side of the editor window as shown below (MatrixButton ). This button is used to swap the matrix type. Pressing this button will bring up a search menu where the bracket-less matrix can be found either by scrolling or by searching matrix as shown below.